APBA Boat Race

KZOK 102.5 Cup

Lets make 2012 the greatest racing the TnR fans have ever seen!! 2012 will showcase the same great racing classes as we did in 2011, only with more boats. We are in most of our backyards, so lets get out the boats!!

YOU MUST have a class of a minimum of 6 legal boats to get time on the water. If your class has less, then we will try to put them in a class closest to their size. So, make sure your class has 6 boats!!

In our efforts to make sure we have enough pit space for the racers, we are encouraging PRE REGISTRATION. Sanction will be available below in late April, and we want you to send in your registrations ASAP, so we can ensure we have enough pit space. You don’t even have to send any money with it!! Help us make sure it is a great event for both fan and racer – register early!!




Entry form on APBARACING.COM  go to Resources and Resource Director then 2nd page and Entry.  Downloads in a word doc that is fill in able.


Here are the final results per class
 from this weekend at Tastin and Racin:

  National Modified-

1st, #88 Owner/Driver Brent Harnack of Spokane, Wa and Josh Harnack of Spokane

2nd, #5 Owner/Driver Rod Bourke ofSnohomish, Wa

3rd, #56 Owner/Driver Bill Strain of Auburn, Wa

  2.5 Modified -

1st, #A-20, Owner Justin Weymouth of Woodinville, Wa and Driver Kip Brown of Ravensdale, WA

2nd,#A-36, Owner/Driver Leslie Warren of Tacoma, Wa

   2.5 Stock -

1st, #S-137, Owner/Driver David Solway of Renton, Wa and Driver Chris Fanaris of Olympia, Wa

2nd, #S-4, Owner/Driver Dave Trisko of Fife,Wa

3rd, #S-36, Owner/Driver Austin Eacret of Seattle, Wa

 1 Liter Modified-

1st, #Y-5, Owner/Driver Corey Peabody of Fife, Wa

2nd, #Y-19, Owner/Driver Josh Culver of Pasco, Wa

3rd, #Y-82, Owner/Driver Brian Perkins of North Bend,Wa

  5 Liter -

1st, #E-1, Owner/Driver Jeff Bernard of Kent, Wa

2nd, #E-20 Owner Justin Weymouth of Woodinville, Wa and Driver Travis Johnston of Helena, MT

3rd. #E-31 Owner/Driver Jimmy Mauldin of Friday Harbor, Wa

  Grand Prix -

1st, #GP-12 Owner Bob Schellhase of Renton,Wa and Diver Greg Hopp of Snohomish, Wa

2nd,#GP-15 Owner/Driver Jerry Hopp of Snohomish, Wa

3rd, #GP-60 Owner/Driver Gordy GIllmer and Driver Greg Sheard

Special Thanks to our Vintage Class:

Agitator E-70     Nick Badolato & Dan Gill Drivers,  Full Circle Racing – Owner

Aquanut N-70    Alan McDougall Driver,  Ken Muscatel – Owner

Calyspo E-291     Stephen Parker Driver & Owner

Best Wishes 222-H   Doug Whitley Owner & Driver

Miss Wahoo -   Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum – Alan McDougall – Driver

Miss Thriftway-  Vashon Unlimiteds – Owner  Steve Compton & Larry Fuller – Driver

Miss O’Berto -  Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum – Owner




There are changes:

  • You must ensure that your crew has closed footware – this is EVERYONE that plans on entering the hot pits (APBA Rule 3.3).
  • Drivers/Owners are responsible to ensure that their crew & friends/family are have proper credentials to be in the hot pit area.  You will not be asked twice to remove an un-credentialed person.  You will also have to exit the pits and re-enter twice each day to ensure that all persons in the hot pit area have proper credentials.  TASTIN’ N RACIN’ WILL HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR THIS RULE!
  • Tastin’ n Racin’ is also REQUIRING that your pit pass is worn on your WRIST (TnR Rule #1).   This is also a new insurance requirement.
  • There is also NO ONE under 14 years allowed in the hot pits (Scorers Handbook Pg 5) and new insurance rule.  ANY TEAM bringing anyone under 14 yrs. into the hot pits will be immediately disqualified and reported to the APBA.
  • NO DOGS in the hot pits  NO EXCEPTIONS.  DON’T ASK!! (TnR Rule #2) – ANY TEAM bringing a pet into the hot pits will have to take it immediately out.  LEAVE PETS AT HOME!!!
  • There is no smoking in or AROUND the pits (per King County Fire Marshall)
  • TnR will be administering Breath Analyzer tests on Saturday and Sunday morning for all drivers (Rule 1.2.1 General Safety Rule)
  • APBA Rule 24.1.1, states that crew must be in uniform- See rulebook for specifics

Please be aware that we will be strictly adhering  to all the racing rules.   We are in a world of new insurance rules and we have a zero tolerance for the above rules.


Drivers and Crew

Registration will be open on Friday and you and your crew can get your pit passes then.  Save time in lines and get your credentials on Friday from 5pm – 7pm.  Please try to register your boat on Friday if at all possible.



We will have the following classes:

  • 1.5 Hydro
  • 2.5 Modified Hydro
  • 2.5 Hydro
  • 5 Litre Hydro
  • National Mod
  • Grand National Hydro
  • Grand Prix Hydroplanes
  • Pro Stock and Super Stock Flatbottoms
  • Unlimited Turbine and Vintage Hydro – by invitation
  • Inboard Vintage Hydro’s and Flats

*Please note there is a minimum requirement of 6 legal PRE-REGISTERED boats for each class (not including cross-overs)


Applications and Forms

APBA Membership – click here





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