Hot Boat and Bike Show


Tastin’ n Racin’ will be once again having a gathering of “Hot Rod” boats for a Show and Shine. Come and see up close the exciting and amazing ‘sport’ of Hot Rod Boats!! The Show is on and it will be sunny and warm!!….my crystal ball says so!! Mark your calendar for June 9, 2012!!!

These hot boats range in size from 17′ to 23′. They are powered by external propellers, and also impellors commonly known as the jet boat. We will not only have the basic family hot boats, with covered engines and straight Vee Hulls with through hull exhaust that are for relaxing and enjoying the water but also the High Horsepowered Tunnel Hull boats capable of speeds in excess of 100MPH!! These boats are often powered by Large Displacement Engines, Superchargers (Blowers) with Nitrous Oxide injection.. Some of the boats are extremely “Light Layed” meaning they are very thin, and constructed of exotic materials such as Kevlar, for reduced weight and superior strength. These boats are primarily used on local lakes and rivers, as they have very low sides and can take on water easily.

Just because these hot boats look like racers, does not mean they race. This particular group of boats do not race and do not partake in sanctioned events. There are a couple that have racing history, but have retired from the circuit. Most of the boat owners, just partake in events like Tastin’ n Racin’ and the like the adrenaline rush that these hot boats give!! For more information on how to become involved in this adrenaline spiked, adventure filled sport, feel free to visit the Forums @

ons on entering your “Hot” boat, email Chris Porter at


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