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Hydroplane Racing

Racing Action Will Begin – with the KZOK 102.5 Cup on Saturday and Sunday, June 9th & 10th.   Hydros  run from 11am – 6pm. Awards Ceremony, Sunday at 6pm.

The lake remains calm and the air continually still… until you hear the first roar, of the first engine as the racers push their starter buttons. In just a matter of seconds they’re off, one right after another heading out on to the lake for their warm-up laps. The water starts to ripple as the rumble of the powerful engines echo off the hills and through the Sammamish Valley. The air is electric, and you get tingles as the racers make their first pass by – you feel a rush of wind as they pick up speeds – with some speeds of up to 150mph! Now as they make their final turn up lake and begin their run to the starter’s clock, you are on your feet in total wonderment of this awesome sight which is right before your eyes; – those are some of the Northwest’s most powerful Hydroplanes running side by side in the duel of their lives.


At Tastin’ n Racin’ you can see and feel the power of the best Northwest Limited Hydroplane Racing, which includes 1 Litre, 2.5 Litre, 2.5 Mod, 5 Litre, National Modified, Grand Prix and vintage hydros, SE Sportsman Entry  runabout boats.  Once again, feel the thunder of the Vintage hydroplanes.  The Grand Prix (GP) hydros will be racing again this year and sending chills down your spine as 3 – 4 come blasting around the corner to line up for the start.  It is so cool and exciting to watch the big boats (GP’s and Vintage Unlimiteds) run on the course, appearing to be right up next to the shore.



The PWC series is on hold for the 2012 season…..  Just an insurance thing.  We will have them back for 2013, so we  just have to wait another year.






To add to the excitement, Tastin’ n Racin’ is working to bring together the largest group of vintage racing hydros on the West Coast!! All the cool limited racers we grew up with lovingly restored to their glory days!! They are exciting to watch and even more exciting to see up close!! (Photo by Tim Crowley)



All this racing will keep you talking for months! Tastin’ n Racin’ is bringing together the biggest variety of racing on the West Coast!! The Hydros are big, bright, fast and loud!! The thunder will send a chill down your spine and a smile to your face! The PWC racing is something we can all imagine ourselves doing and with the racing right at the shore, you can really feel the adrenaline running! And you will never know what ‘history’ you will be able to witness!


Pit Pass for the Spectator Pits

Come watch the racing, tour the pits and see the boats up close (from the Vintage Unlimiteds to the 1 Litre Hydros), meet the drivers and have the opportunity to enter the ‘racing pits’ during the open hour each day and cheer on your favorite winner at the awards ceremony. Pit Passes include admission into the preferred viewing with the best view of the course on the beach, and seeing the pit action right up front. Pit Passes only $5.00 , children under 10 free. You are guaranteed a day to remember and the start of a new June tradition, all at ‘a Day at the Races’.

Here are the final results per class
 from this weekend at Tastin and Racin:

  National Modified-

1st, #88 Owner/Driver Brent Harnack of Spokane, Wa and Josh Harnack of Spokane

2nd, #5 Owner/Driver Rod Bourke ofSnohomish, Wa

3rd, #56 Owner/Driver Bill Strain of Auburn, Wa

  2.5 Modified -

1st, #A-20, Owner Justin Weymouth of Woodinville, Wa and Driver Kip Brown of Ravensdale, WA

2nd,#A-36, Owner/Driver Leslie Warren of Tacoma, Wa

   2.5 Stock -

1st, #S-137, Owner/Driver David Solway of Renton, Wa and Driver Chris Fanaris of Olympia, Wa

2nd, #S-4, Owner/Driver Dave Trisko of Fife,Wa

3rd, #S-36, Owner/Driver Austin Eacret of Seattle, Wa

 1 Liter Modified-

1st, #Y-5, Owner/Driver Corey Peabody of Fife, Wa

2nd, #Y-19, Owner/Driver Josh Culver of Pasco, Wa

3rd, #Y-82, Owner/Driver Brian Perkins of North Bend,Wa

  5 Liter -

1st, #E-1, Owner/Driver Jeff Bernard of Kent, Wa

2nd, #E-20 Owner Justin Weymouth of Woodinville, Wa and Driver Travis Johnston of Helena, MT

3rd. #E-31 Owner/Driver Jimmy Mauldin of Friday Harbor, Wa

  Grand Prix -

1st, #GP-12 Owner Bob Schellhase of Renton,Wa and Diver Greg Hopp of Snohomish, Wa

2nd,#GP-15 Owner/Driver Jerry Hopp of Snohomish, Wa

3rd, #GP-60 Owner/Driver Gordy GIllmer and Driver Greg Sheard

Special Thanks to our Vintage Class:

Agitator E-70     Nick Badolato & Dan Gill Drivers,  Full Circle Racing – Owner

Aquanut N-70    Alan McDougall Driver,  Ken Muscatel – Owner

Calyspo E-291     Stephen Parker Driver & Owner

Best Wishes 222-H   Doug Whitley Owner & Driver

Miss Wahoo -   Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum – Alan McDougall – Driver

Miss Thriftway-  Vashon Unlimiteds – Owner  Steve Compton & Larry Fuller – Driver

Miss O’Berto -  Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum – Owne


10:30 AM           Testing
11:00 AM            Opening Ceremonies
11:15 AM             2.5 Mod Hydro
11:30 AM            National Mod Hydro
11:45 AM            Vintage Inboard Hydro – Conventional

12:00 PM           Vintage Inboard Hydro – Cabover
12:15 PM            2.5 Stock Hydro
12:30 PM           1 Litre  Hydro
12:45 PM            5 Litre Hydro

1:00 PM              SE Sportsman Entry Runabouts
1:15 PM               Grand Prix Hydroplane
1:30 PM              Vintage Unlimited Hydroplane
1:45 PM               Vintage Unlimited Hydroplane

2:00 PM              Mastercraft Wake Board Exhibition
2:15 PM               Mastercraft Wake Board Exhibition
2:30PM               Mastercraft Wake Board Exhibition
2:45 PM               Mastercraft Wake Board Exhibition
3:15 PM               2.5 Modified Hydro
3:30 PM               National Mod Hydro
3:45 PM               Vintage Inboard Hydro – Conventional

4:00 PM               Vintage Inboard Hydro – Cabover
4:15 PM                 2.5 Stock Hydro
4:30 PM                 1 Litre Hydro
4:45 PM                 5 Litre Hydro

5:00 PM               SE Sportsman Entry Runabout
5:15 PM                Vintage Unlimited Exhibition
5:30 PM               Vintage Unlimited Exhibition
5:45 PM                Grand Prix Hydro Final

>All times subject to weather, cranes, accidents, boat towing & Acts of God.


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